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Lone Worker Monitoring

Our Lone Worker Monitoring service is designed with vets in mind. There are three variations of our Lone Worker Monitoring service. At the core of all these options is making sure you and your team are safe when working alone.

For more information please use the form below to request the full brochure with more details on your available options.


Regular/Repeat Lone Worker Monitoring

This type of lone working is designed for people working alone on a regular basis. For example every weekday evening a nurse works in the surgery until 1900 tending to in-patients. We can have a regular monitor set up so that your lone worker does not need to log on each evening they just have to log out when they have finished. We would suggest that they make the call when they are either in their car ready to go home or when they are through their front door at home. This is the safest way to ensure that they have left the practice safely.

Standard Lone Worker Monitoring

The standard lone working procedure is to phone us either on route or when you have got to your destination. We take the name of the person, where they are (full address if possible) and the time they are expecting to finish.

SMS Lone Worker Monitoring

Our newest and easiest form on lone working. When a member of your on call team go to a client or into the surgery on their own they simply text; a code word, the location that they are going to and the time they expect to finish. This will be automatically logged on to our system.


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Increasingly, throughout the business world, pressure is being put on companies to look after their employees and particularly those that work alone.

We have in place lone worker protocols for some of our vets already.

It can be used all the time for every visit or on an occasional basis.

We have three different types of Lone Worker Monitoring Systems, so that you can choose the one that best suits you.


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