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Many vets still use pagers and find them a useful addition to mobile phones. They can be used as a first point of contact or as a last resort back up. We have contracts with the paging companies and serve as an intermediary and account managers for you.

Tone Pager

Tone Call Pagers

Tone pagers are the most basic and therefore cheapest of the pagers that are available.

When dialling the pager number it will send a command to the pager which will then alert and say "Tone Only" on the screen.

Numeric Pager

Numeric/Code Call Pagers

Code pagers are the middle ground in paging terms both in possible usage and price.

When dialling the pager number a numeric message is entered using the phone keypad which is then transmitted to the pager.

Alpha Numeric Pager

Alpha Numeric/Word Call Pagers

Word pagers are able to receive the most information and are the more expensive option.

When dialling the pager number you will be put through to the paging burro, they will then take a message and transmit it to the pager.

Alternatively you can phone us; we can take the message and send it to the pager. We have the advantage of protocols being in place to ensure all messages are received.


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