KMHS The Veterinary Answering Service for One And All
KMHS The Veterinary Answering Service for One And All
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Kernow Message Handling Service

The Veterinary Answering Service for One And All

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Panic Alarm Monitoring

Panic Alarms can be used as a simple but effective way to get help when you need it quickly. Have the panic alarm dial us in an emergency.

Service Description

What Happens if The Button Is Pressed?

The panic alarm will dial us on your dedicated telephone number. The call will come through to us; a recorded message will be listened to by our staff. They will then follow a pre-arranged protocol.

The Standard Protocol

Our standard protocol is to phone the person or building that the panic alarm has been activated at. We then arrange a code word with you to signify if there is a problem. If there is no answer we will contact another member of your on call personnel or a manager/partner of the practice. If we still have no response we will try every contact in our system until we speak to someone that is able to help. If no one is contactable and we are aware of where the vet may be or the address of the building's alarm we will contact the police and ask them to attend.


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